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Fachverlag für Wirtschaft und Technik

Rights available from expert verlag

Our general catalog (in German)
gives an overview of expert verlag titles
as up-to-date and practice-related as they are.

The following titles may be of special interest for you:



Systematically Generated Inventions
TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving) for Everybody



Project Management for Developing New Products
Process Approach to Quality Management
Project Management live
Facility Management


Electrical Engineering

Fiber Optics
Static Electricity
ESD Control Systems
FEM for Practitioners: Electrical Engineering
Plastics and EMC
Introduction to Processor Development
Layout and Design of Optical Reflectors
Magnetically Soft Ferrites
Microwave Semiconductor Devices
Fundamentals of Frequency Analysis


Mechanical Engineering

Compact Dictionary of Automobile Engineering
Dictionary of Automotive Engineering
Lubrication of Internal Combustion Engines
Tractor Hydraulics
Finite Element Method
Introduction to Materials Science and Testing Materials
Vehicle Dynamics
Noise and Groundborne Vibration Protection at Rail Traffic
Elimination of Engine Generated Nanoparticles
System Analysis of Vehicle Powertrains


Structural Engineering

Practical Noise Abatement in Buildings
Windows in Buildings


Environmental Engineering

On-Board-Diagnosis and On-Board-Measurement
Pedology Soil Science

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