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Euro: 389.40
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Fachverlag für Wirtschaft und Technik

Stan, Cornel / Cipolla, Giovanni: Alternative Propulsion Systems for Automobiles,

Stan, Cornel / Cipolla, Giovanni

Alternative Propulsion Systems for Automobiles, II

In cooperation with 36 co-authors 2008, 240 S., 161 Abb., 7 Tab. (RT) Kt.
58,00 €, 75,50 CHF
ISBN: 978-3-8169-2835-5
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The global demand for Auto-Mobility will relevantly increase independently of economic situation and in spite of stringency of fossil sources of energy as well as drastic limitation of pollutant emissions. Thereby power and torque will stay essential criteria of acceptance. A universally applicable future propulsion system is as improbable as a universally applicable automobile instead of the variety including compact and luxury cars.
In this book promising and potential propulsion configurations will be discussed from the point of view of effective energy management.
Important assessment criteria are power density, torque progression, characteristic of acceleration, specific energy consumption, emissions of chemical materials and mixtures, but also availability, environmental impact and storage ability of the allocated sources of energy as well as technical complexity, costs, safety, infrastructure and service.

Hybrid Configurations: Strategies for the Control of Hybrid Propulsion Systems – Electrification Strategies of General Motors – Components and System Supply Chain: VALEO Approach – Educating a new Generation of Automotive System Engineers
Fuel Cells: Synergies by Innovative Integration of SOFC APUs in Commercial Vehicle – Fuel Cells Program at General Motors – Energy Management using Fuel Cells & Supercaps
Future IC Engines: SI & CI ICE Challenges in CO2 Scenarios – The Gasoline HCCI Engine by General Motors – EMS Trend for Future SI & CI Engines: Magneti Marelli Powertrain Scenario – Tools for Virtual SI & CI Engines Development
Alternative Fuels: Regenerative Fuels Technology and Applications – Aspects of BioDiesel Combustion and Emissions on Automotive Engines – Biofuels as Future Energy Source for Future Propulsion – Potential and Perspectives of Natural Gas and Biomethane Propulsion – Hydrogen for Automotive Propulsion

Die Autoren
sind international anerkannte Experten aus Automobilindustrie und Forschungsinstituten.

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